Wholesale division

Send SALACIA cosmetics to much more customers
Spreading our sales network

Our vision "human to human" has been trustment of SALACIA.
Recently our sales net work has been spread from domestic clinics and aesthetic salons to offering from abroad.

Wholesale devision

With highly-esteemed from doctors and beauty professionals, you can find our products in clinics and Esthetic salon around JAPAN.
Because of its highly quality, we have gained new partners;
35 Esthetic salons, 55 Clinics, 30 companies, as of 2011.

Overseas devision

Our cosmetic products, containing well-selected beauty components with latest technology, are loved from lots of customers even from overseas. We have langes of network between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and Poland at the moment.
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OEM of consultation

Guidance of beauty salon

Guidance of communication sale