Privacy Policy

Our "SALACIA" (hereinafter referred to as "this web site") recognizes the importance of personal information that was entrusted to us by customers (such as your name, address, telephone number), strictly protect and manage this It is to be, it is the basis of our corporate activities, we believe that it is a social responsibility. To answer customers' trust, in order to use it with confidence, in this website we have established the "Privacy Policy" as described below.

1. For the management of your personal information

Personal information you registered from customers, unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and so that the leakage, etc. unexpected happens, we will strictly managed by this Web site. In order to safely hold the personal information of our customers, we have established a personal information protection administrator, in-house education about personal information protection, and will be conducted such as the aggressively safety measures.

2. Your personal information to be

The customer's personal information to be, your name, phone number, address, date of birth, e-mail address, information about the occupation, etc., customers of our products of your purchase history and contact history, beauty and health-related information , answers to various questionnaire, information about hobbies, preferences and life styles, etc..

3. collection of personal information and for use

In order to use our services to our customers, on who confirm its intended use, we have you registered your personal information. Your personal information you provide is, direct mail, etc. services and letterzine campaign announcement which is shipping from the "Corporation Salacia" on this web site, you will only be used for various services performed by the company . If the various services were no longer required in the middle, if you can contact "Salacia Inc.", it will stop providing information. ※ There is a case where I get a little time until the arrangements after receiving your request to stop. Should, please understand if the dispatch of misunderstanding has occurred.

4. For the provision of personal information

Personal information of all customers that have been provided to this web site, is there is not any way to publish, lend or transfer without the person in question of consent to a third party. However, in the following cases, it may make the disclosure of personal information.
◁Eit has entered into ourselves and our confidentiality agreements, outsourcing companies and partner companies
※ The consignment business, order processing, delivery of goods, claim processing, sending E-mail, it will include customer service.
◁Erequest of the police, such as public office
◁EIf you are subject to the law

5. for change and correction of personal information

And if you are interested in, such as your address changes, if it is found that there is an error in your registration details, we will support changes and correction as soon as possible. Customers might be hope the disclosure of personal information, on which we will confirm that it is the person in question, I will inform you about the personal information of your request. (Of confirming your identity, you will be confirmed in your name, your telephone number of any verification.) In addition, if the customer is register your false facts or information of others as personal information, other illegal us If there is available, you may want to stop the use of the e-mail address.

6. Consultation of your personal information

Womochimashite this Privacy Policy, we will be considered as your consent with respect to the handling and collection of personal information. If you do not agree, and, if you have questions about the handling of our personal information, but there is in trouble, please offer to the following contacts. TEL: 0120-461-074 (weekdays 9:00 to 17:30)

7. For security

In this web site, in order to with confidence to our customers to enjoy the internet shopping, we are using encrypted communication technology called SSL. Your PC with the (browser) between the Web server of this web site, such as personal information, if you want to exchange sensitive information, we have to encrypt the information by SSL. (For even Cookie (cookie), we have to encrypt the information by SSL.) In the page that SSL is being used, top "https" next to the URL also, lies in the window corner of the browser "key mark" is connected It becomes a state. If the screen that SSL has not been applied, and a screen that SSL has been applied switched, but you may receive a message (warning) is displayed, please click the "OK" button. Also, if you specify the "Do not show this warning in the future", this message will not be displayed thereafter.

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