Corporate Statement

For beautiful skin, shining forever

SALACIA cosmetics was founded in 1995, focusing on enriched Minerals in Deepsea water. The name of "SALACIA" comes from the Venus of the sea as an ancient legend. To get beautiful skin, brightning from inside like a Venus.

Our well-contained beauty ingredients and deepsea water products are loved by lots of women who wants to get beautiful skin.

In 2008, we achieved to diversify our sales channel. Not only for domestic individual customers, we've started to send our products to clinics,esthetic salons in JAPAN and all over the world.

Also, using our know-how about cosmetics as research and development,production technology, sales promotion, we aggresively work to OEM business.

SALACIA keeps moving day by day.
To send our message of beauty with confidence to get all of our customer's satisfaction.

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