Cosmetics OEM

We support you to create unique cosmetics with our wide experiences and know-how

We do cosmetics OEM business, utilizing our experiences and know-how.From planning, development to produce,distributing・・・
We support to make your original cosmetics with our back-up sysmtem.

Our product range

・Skin care products (Make-up remover, Cleanser, Toner, Emulsion, Cream, Serum etc.)
・Hair care products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Hair masque, Hair growth toner etc.)
・Body care products (Body wash, Body lotion, Massage cream etc.)
・Quasi-drug etc.

Research and deveopment, to pursue effectiveness and safety.

oemoem Our concept is " Physiologically and scientific evidence-based skin care".
Our laboratory has 3 sections; Raw development, Product development and Evaluation.
We actively work on development new materials from natural ingredients and products based on science demonstration using latest equipment.

We multidirectionally evaluate raw materials and products thinking customers safty first.

Evaluated usability of deepsea water (bittern), containing in our cosmetics.

We observed growth of cells using raw amterials to Fibroblast.
Cell is quite delicate and it easily stop growing when the other ingredients come in. But bittern positively works on cell growth to a large extent.

Trustworthy production system, to achieve high functional and quality.

oem Our products have been produced in our group factory which has latest system, fully fanctioning and high level technology. Our cleanly factory puts effort in quality control as ISO9001 certified,
also can produce organic cosmetics as ECOCERT certified factory.

●Adopt latest technology
We can produce nano-emulsion using various "vocuum emulsifying device"and latest "high-pressure emulsifying device".
Also, we can produce your own raw-materials using "vocuum freezing dry device".
We construct suitable production system combine and use such as "range of equipment" for each product.
●Full quality control system
We achive clean production circumstance with our "positive-pressure clean system". We do intensive quality control by our own stricts standard such as microbial,sensory and various physical test at every steps, also incoming inspection for all material.

OEM Flowchart


Precise advise to make good products using our experiences in sales promotion of SALACIA products.

We make a proposal on marketing and brand design from various research as analysis, price research, formula patent and trademark.

<Planning suggestion>
From product concept,formula,various design as package to promotion plan. We make optimum plan to meet various requests.
From conscious products for beauty salon to lower price products for discount shop,we propose the products according to sales channel.


Propose the products with originality
Check the safety and usability

<Development of raw materials>
We can develop original raw materials made from provide materials.
We consider most suitable processing method, manufacture and standardize, then add to the products. Also,it is possible to use you can you our own raw materials.

<Development of formula>
Mainly for skin care, Hair care, Body care products, we develop formula considering for most suitable production method adding raw rmaterials suitable for the concept.

<Evaluation test>
We do various test as for usability and safety for raw materials and products.
We provide various product data for sales promotion at request.
Also, we accept just for evaluation test.


ISO certified factory,
Undertake high trust from production to shipment.

<Production line>
oem The products put on production line under careful planning.
We carefully inspect in every single process.
Minimum lot is different for each product, so please ask us.
Also we do logistics, act for inspect to products control.

Aim for 100% satisfaction from customers

As well as suggest for cosmetics, co-development from raw materials,
Do not hesitate to ask us if you considering for new entry.

OEM of consultation

Guidance of beauty salon

Guidance of communication sale