CQuestions about product planning

Q. exactly do I can do the same goods and products that you are using at the store now?
A. In order to issue the originality, "exactly the same products" instead, we recommend that you have upgraded by changing a little component.
Q. I was released early, is it possible to choose the contents from among several?
A. You can. You can choose from our proven commodity.
Q. Is it possible to bring in raw materials?
A. You can. First of all, is carried out inspection in quality control department, those not appropriate we ask the re-examination.
Q. Do packaging materials is not necessary to prepare themselves?
A. suggestions also to are available from us, we will also skilled in the introduction.
Q. Is it possible to bring the cosmetics of the package or container?
A. You can. However, the completion of the inspection in quality control department, those not appropriate we ask the re-examination of the container. The container manufacturers will be introduced as necessary.
Q. Is it possible to print on the bottle?
A. You can. Print the minimum quantity is 1,000 average in each container manufacturer. If you are a colored bottle, 3,000 to 5,000 this is the average. However different minimum lot of printing and colored by the container.
Q. Can I attach a seal to Q. bottle?
A. You can. Seal of shape, please contact us.
Q. Do you have specified in the delivery form of payment container?
A. There is no particular designation, but we have a display, such as attaching a label seal that understands material content in the outer box.
Q. When the container payment overseas, Do you have any restrictions?
A. performs container tested at our company, we will decide whether available. If you can not use, we ask the container change. In addition, because there are other conditions, each time please contact us.

Questions about delivery

Q. How long does it take from the Q. commercialization to delivery?
A. for new commercialization, after determining prescription, because of the stability test in the stability and container of prescription, it will need about two and a half months. If you order as a repeat products, it has gotten around about 30 to 45 days after your order. In the case of quasi-drugs, but it requires regulatory application period.
Q. initial delivery, but is long, can I reduce?
A. blending component is determined, stability testing of about one month, then one to two weeks in the raw material procurement, manufacturing, bulk testing, filling, will take one month strength in semi-finished products inspection. If the ingredients are determined to fast, if the finished stability testing at the time of ordering, it is based also on the congestion of the production, there is also the case who can not be delivered in a month half position.
Q. I to complete the product in a short period of time, is it possible to be released soon?
A. that I am your proposed to the best merchandise from the record commodity up to now, can be commercialized in a short period of time.
Q. How long does until there is a prototype?
A. within 10 days in the case of an existing prescription, the 20th is a standard for a new prescription.

Other questions

Q.1 times of trial or the amount is how much?
A. If you do not than you instructed customers, I have submitted a usually about 5 persons minutes.
Q. What costs will takes about much with respect to trial?
A. regard prototype, principle cost does not accept.
Q. How long does it take product cost?
A. It depends on the product specifications and production number, but I will quote on you have heard the story. Addition hope component and your budget, we will be proposed on you have to ask the quantity, and the like. In addition, the container as the initial cost in addition to product cost, will be required, such as plate making fee and vans blade margin of the box kind.
Q. Can you from how much of the quantity Q. commercialization?
A. Is A.100kg. If if a trade of 120mL, and will be present about 830. However, in the case of such low-viscosity products of the lotion or serum to accept orders from 60kg. The container specifications, it might minimum production volume is 3,000.
Q. About How do unfamiliar cosmetics, What commercialization possible.
A. Since I will plan proposed had items in your hope, please do not worry.
Q. Can I What product?
A. The integrated production, cosmetics and quasi-drugs, to some make-up cosmetics, as the contract manufacturing products, soaps, other is possible to manufacture the development of make-up cosmetics. Please feel free to contact us.
Q. What do you good if you prepared for the meeting?
A. product concept, please present your sales channels.
Q. What is an Pharmaceutical Affairs Law required Q. sale?
A. with confidence to the end user like in order to use our products, product development, there is a "Pharmaceutical Affairs Law" by the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to the sales method. We will demystify completed by our company until it released the product.
Q. Or expenses will Q. brand name application?
A. only official product name, not cost.
Q. What is the difference between the application of quasi-drugs and cosmetics?
A. Notification of cosmetics, you need in one day. Quasi drugs for approval, will take more than six months for approval.
Q. Is it possible to factory tour?
A. Please come by all means. If it is possible the hope of schedule will be coordinated with the factory.
Q. delivery method?
A. I am allowed the principle bulk delivery. We will deliver from the shipping company of our contract. For scheduling, please contact us.

About wholesale

Q. Do you have the handling of any kind of product?
A. In addition to there is also work for commodity products that are mail order. Please feel free to inquire.
Q. I want to use in the Este ...
A. Also available commercial products that correspond to the items for sale .
Q. Do you have what the payment method?
A. In principle, and we have been the commodity cash on delivery. If you would like the payment, please contact us.
Q. I have not received the goods the next day you ordered.
A. In principle, it will be shipped the next business day we receive your order. Please order before 17:00. It is when you get a day in from shipping day in some areas. In addition, it may not be the next day delivery by the availability of the product. In that case, we have always contact you of delivery delays.
Q. Do you shipping costs?
A. burden of postage we have been with our burden.
※Once your order amount ¥ 20,000 we have ( tax ) or more you put together our .

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